2017 Civil War Governors of Kentucky Symposium

On June 8-9, 2017, KHS and guest convener Amy Murrell Taylor will host ten acclaimed U.S. historians and Organization of American Historians President Edward L. Ayers for a symposium celebrating the initial publication of the Civil War Governors of Kentucky Digital Documentary Edition.

Each participant will produce short, trailblazing papers that will analyze a different set of documents within the CWGK corpus and propose a list of new historiographical questions which need to be addressed through CWGK materials and using CWGK tools.

In addition, a special session for K-12 teachers and museum professionals will discuss the use of digital infrastructure to teach historical thinking to students: formulating questions about causation, testing assumptions with evidence, evaluating the reliability of information, embracing complexity and contingency.

A special 2019 issue of the Register of the Kentucky Historical Society will publish the symposium proceedings.

Participants and their research topics include:

Luther Adams (University of Washington, Tacoma)
Tipling Toward Freedom: “Petitions to Your Excellency”

Stephen Berry (University of Georgia)
Dwelling in the Digital Archive: A Meditation on the Civil War Governors of Kentucky Project

Carole Emberton (University at Buffalo)
Searching for Caroline: “Disciplined Imagination” and the Limits of the Archive

Crystal Feimster (Yale University)
Rape and Prostitution in Civil War Kentucky: Petitions for Pardons, Remissions, and Respites, 1861-1865

David T. Gleeson (Northumbria University)
The Irish in Civil War Kentucky

Lesley J. Gordon (University of Alabama)
“Deeds of Brave Suffering and Lofty Heroism”: Public Rhetoric and Kentucky Soldiers

Patrick A. Lewis (Kentucky Historical Society)
The “Most Notorious” Mr. Jennings: Coal, Transatlantic Capitalism, and Guerrilla War

Kenneth W. Noe (Auburn University)
“Disturbers of the Peace”: The Kidnapping of John D. Hale

Anne Sarah Rubin (University of Maryland Baltimore County)
“Literally Destroyed as a Housekeeper”: Hunger and Hardship in Civil War Kentucky

Diane Miller Sommerville (Binghamton University)
“The Exciting Circumstances of the Rebellion,” or, The Civil War Made Me Do It: Civil War and Emotional Trauma in Kentucky Governors’ Petitions

Mark Summers (University of Kentucky)
The Uncivilest War of All

Amy Murrell Taylor (University of Kentucky)
Texts and Textiles in Civil War Kentucky