A Research Collection for the Digital Age

The Civil War Governors of Kentucky Digital Documentary Edition is a multi-year documentary-editing project dedicated to locating, imaging, transcribing, annotating and publishing documents associated with all five of the state’s Civil War governors, including the three Union governors, Beriah Magoffin (1859-62), James F. Robinson (1862-63) and Thomas E. Bramlette (1863-67), and the two provisional Confederate governors, George W. Johnson (1861-62) and Richard Hawes (1862-65). This edition will focus on the period between November 1860, the date of Lincoln’s election as president, and the end of December 1865, roughly corresponding with the ratification of the 13th Amendment, which ended slavery. Each of these national milestones signaled a pivotal change in Kentucky’s political and social order. Groundbreaking in its conceptualization, Civil War Governors of Kentucky will provide new ways to look at the society of this era.

Editorial Advisory Board

Edward L. Ayers
University of Richmond

Douglas A. Boyd
University of Kentucky

Lynda L. Crist
Rice University

A. Glenn Crothers
University of Louisville

Laura F. Edwards
Duke University

John E. Kleber
Morehead State University

James C. Klotter
Georgetown College

Mark L. Kornbluh
University of Kentucky

Glenn W. LaFantasie
Western Kentucky University

Thomas C. Mackey
University of Louisville

Stephanie McCurry
University of Pennsylvania

Leslie Rowland
University of Maryland

John David Smith
University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Daniel W. Stowell
Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum

Amy Murrell Taylor
University of Kentucky

Institutional Partners

  • Documents Compass (Virginia Foundation for the Humanities)
  • Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives
  • National Endowment for the Humanities
  • National Historical Publications and Records Commission
  • University of Kentucky, College of Arts & Sciences
  • University of Kentucky Libraries